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Rescuing Rogue are featured films produced by a professional videography company that filmed footage of the Detroit Pit Crew (DPC) rescuing dogs in Detroit. Correspondingly, the film crew, World Animal Awareness (WA2S) creates these films because:

“Films educate and inform the public through the sharing of powerful stories about animal rescue and rehabilitation in order to encourage awareness, inspire action, and honor the unsung heroes working on the front lines.”

These clips shown are apart of a television show that aired nationally apart of their 24th and 25th episodes.
As a result of these films, the public has responded with their love, support, donations, and increased awareness. 

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Courage on the road to recovery and loving it! Thanks DPC

Puppy Found Abandoned In Cardboard Box Is Finally Learning How To Be A Dog

Last August, a couple of Good Samaritans found a 7-month-old puppy lying inside a cardboard box in a neighborhood near Detroit. The pup — later named Courage — had a swollen head and looked close to death. They took the puppy to the police, who then got in touch with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue (DPC), an organization that saves stray and owned dogs who are in immediate danger.

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