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Detroit Pit Crew

Dog Rescue

We are an emergency street crew responding to urgent situations involving severely injured or sick stray dogs (any breed) living on the streets of Detroit. 

Please text 248-906-9022 If you see a stray dog of ANY breed that is injured, sick, emaciated and needs immediate medical attention.

Only if injured, sick, severely injured or emaciated 
and need immediate medical attention please text us.  


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We are a 501C3 non-profit organization that operates as an emergency street crew picking up stray dogs, of any breed, off the streets of Detroit that are severely injured or sick.

We are also an assisting agency to several police departments in the Metro Detroit area and we hold dogs on behalf of law enforcement that are part of animal cruelty or neglect cases.

We do not do the adopting out part of rescue as we have 21 partner organizations that adopt out the dogs that we rescue. We receive no state or government assistance we operate solely on donations.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to rescue stray, destitute, injured, or sick dogs in Detroit that need immediate and urgent medical care and to provide safe holding for dogs that are part of animal cruelty or neglect cases.

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Board Members

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Theresa Sumpter
Theresa Sumpter, Director
Rachael Koresky Board Member-min
Rachael Koresky, Secretary
Jim Sumpter, holding a rescued dog.
Jim Sumpter, Deputy Director
Mark Graham Board Member
Mark Graham, Treasurer

thank you to our special supporters and sponsors

Save the poor voiceless dogs off the streets of Detroit


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