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Dog Rescued After Abuse Caught on Video by Neighbor – Channel 7 WXYZ – February 24, 2016

Mutilated Dog Finds a New Family – WXYZ Slideshow – February 17, 2016

Tipster Turns Out To Be Behind Detroit
“House of Horrors”
– Detroit Free Press – September 6, 2015

Rescue Group Seeks Help For 14 Dogs Taken in Detroit – Detroit News – January 13, 2016

Tips Sought for Dog Found Mutilated in Detroit – Detroit News – December 15, 2015

Dogs Are People, Too
A New York Times article (10.5.13) about the MRI research done on dogs’ brains that demonstrates that they have emotions like people do, and therefore should have greater legal protection.

Giving Michael Vick’s Former Dogs A ‘Fighting’ Chance changed the Face of Animal Welfare – Proving that pit bulls are worth saving, 48 of the 49 dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring were able to be successfully rehabilitated and placed into loving family homes (6.8.15).