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Amazingly, they found the dog alive and responsive. And very happy to see people.

house explosion rubble where a dog was located

“People were just literally just throwing bricks off of her. I saw people picking up a microwave and getting it off of her. There was shingles. There was anything that would come off a house, siding, all of that was on top of her. At a certain point, they found a chain and they started pulling the chain and it led to her.”

Puppy Found Abandoned In Cardboard Box Is Finally Learning How To Be A Dog

Courage on the road to recovery and loving it! Thanks DPC

Last August, a couple of Good Samaritans found a 7-month-old puppy lying inside a cardboard box in a neighborhood near Detroit. The pup — later named Courage — had a swollen head and looked close to death. They took the puppy to the police, who then got in touch with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue (DPC), an organization that saves stray and owned dogs who are in immediate danger.

5 Pitbulls rescued in Highland Park raid

JUST RESCUED! This morning we assisted the Highland Park Police Department at a location where they conducted a raid and found 5 dogs living on thick heavy tow chains.