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Saving the destitute dogs of Detroit, meet Detroit Pit Crew – the rescue making a difference in the city of Detroit.

We caught up with Theresa of Detroit Pit Crew, a rescue that specializes in helping and rescuing Pit Bulls in need in the Detroit area. You may have heard about them in the news recently when they rescued a discarded Pit Bull puppy in the garbage. Here’s what Theresa had to say!

We caught up with Theresa of Detroit Pit Crew, a rescue that specializes in helping and rescuing Pit Bulls in need in the Detroit area. You may have heard about them in the news recently when they rescued a discarded Pit Bull puppy in the garbage. Here’s what Theresa had to say!

1. Why and when was your organization founded?

Our organization was found in October 2013 and our mission is to help the destitute dogs of Detroit. We are a street crew of rescuers who goes into the worst areas of Detroit to rescue dogs, mostly stray. We trap and hand catch dogs that would otherwise probably die without our help. Our team consists of dog rehabilitators, trappers and even a medic for our wounded dogs.

2. What are the biggest challenges your organization faces rescuing Pit Bulls in Detroit?

Dog fighters are our biggest challenge to our group, and they present the biggest danger to us.

3. You give shout outs to locals who go out of their way to contact you and help the dogs. how does positively reinforcing the community help with how they treat dogs?

Thank you to the many police officers, DTE workers, Fed EX employees, repo guys, renovation crews, AT&T workers and in general the people that live in the community of Detroit for all your support and assistance. We know that without your assistance we would never be able to save so many lives.


4. What is one of your most memorable rescue to success stories?

A recent amazing story was of Miracle. She was a 4 week old puppy that had been starved and left outside. She was almost frozen to death by the time we got her. We thought that she had died on the way to the vet and the vet didn’t think she would live, but she did. It was amazing! Truly a Miracle, thus the name. She is now completely healed and has been adopted.

5. What is one thing an everyday person can do to make the world a better place for dogs?

Report animal abuse or dog fighting to us. We respond to every single message that we get, even if we can’t help, we still respond and try to help with every situation.

6. Who are some of the dogs at your organization that are having a hard time finding a forever home?

NONE. We have never had a dog longer than 7 months and that was only because that particular dog (Titan) had heart worm. We are able to find great homes for all our dogs because we put the time and effort in each dog that is required to social him/her.


Precious, The Rescued Dog

7. Tell us about Precious.

On February 16, 2015, we received a call from another person in rescue alerting us that they had gotten a call about a dog that in a trash can on the East side of Detroit. We got the address and responded immediately. We were at the location in less than 10 minutes. When we arrived we saw a trash can standing next to a porch of an occupied house and we when we got close enough to look in the trash can we saw Precious curled up. I touched her to make sure she was alive and she began wagging her tail. She had multiple bite wounds and had clearly been mauled. We grabbed a blanket, pick her up out of the trash can and rushed her to the vet to be treated. Her recovery has been excellent. She is looking so much better and is so sweet. She is now healthy enough to be spayed and is fully vaccinated. After she is spayed we will be looking to find a forever home for her. Precious was not only mauled, but she had been hit over the head with a blunt force object and sustained an injury to her eye, which has now healed. She is so loving and actually loves to play with the 3 dogs in her foster home. She is believed to be about 9 months old. Our group works with the law enforcement and they did go out to investigate. They were able to follow a blood trail and they determined that after Precious was used for bait she had been hit over the head and knocked unconscious. The perpetrators must have thought she was dead and left her in the snow. It is thought that she regained consciousness and walked for a distance and then passed out again. From there the police believe someone picked her up and put her in the trash can, believing that she was dead. She regained consciousness for a second time while in the trash can and she began crying which alerted the home owners that she was there and they made phone calls to have her rescued. As far as dogs that have been in our rescue for a long time, we have none. All of the dogs that stay with us are worked with and usually find home fairly quickly. We transfer out many of our rescued dogs to other transfer out rescues. We keep the most injured ones with us to give them the care necessary and then they all get adopted. The dog that we have had the longest at this point is Precious. We have had her since February 16, 2015, and so its only been a little over 2 weeks. We actually have no adoptable dogs right now, because all the dogs under our rescue are pending further medical treatment, before they are able to be adopted.

8. How often do you deal with dogs who have been suspected of being involved in dog fighting or bait dogs?

Honestly we find dogs quite often that we suspect may have been used for bait or fighting. They biggest challenge that we face is overcoming the myth that they will be too dangerous to get adopted out. Getting the dogs rehabilitated is the easiest part. 9. Do you think Pit bulls are more likely to be abused and neglected than other dogs? YES! They are discriminated against and therefore the crimes committed against them.

10. Where can people find you online?

They can find us on Facebook on our page at Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue!

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Detroit Pit Crew

We are a street crew dog rescue whose goal is to rescue stray dogs of any breed off the streets of Detroit that are injured, sick, or that are in imminent danger and need immediate medical attention.

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