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3 newborn puppies abandoned, rescued from Detroit sidewalk

Eight Chihuahuas were given blankets, food, water and love Tuesday after being found in filthy conditions.
Three puppies that were only two days old were found abandoned on a sidewalk in Detroit.

Three puppies that were only two days old were found abandoned on a sidewalk in Detroit.

A group of children found the pups and ran to an adult asking for help.

That person called Theresa Sumpter of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

“These are newborn puppies,” Sumpter said. “These puppies still had umbilical cords.”

Sumpter rushed to pick up the puppies Wednesday night on Longfellow Street near 12th street.

“Very nice area of Detroit,” she said. “We don’t usually work this area. There’s a lot of nice houses. They’re not a lot of abandoned houses in this area,(but) beautiful homes.”

Sumpter took in the three puppies and named them – Huey, Dewey and Lucy.

She believes the mother did not have the natural instinct for caring for the puppies.

“We can tell that because they had very long umbilical cords. Usually a mom would chew the cords right down to the belly,” she said. 

Huey had a bite wound too.

Sumpter thinks the dog’s owner didn’t know what to do with the pups and abandoned them on a sidewalk knowing someone caring, like the children, would save them.

“I love these kids,” Sumpter cheered. “They were so proud of themselves and I was proud of them. They’re wonderful kids.”

Minutes after taking them in, last night’s downpour began.

Theresa says they wouldn’t have survived the storm.

“It’s not like they can jump up and run. They don’t have that capability, so think about it on a sidewalk area. You would have a lot of running water, they probably would’ve drowned.”

Sumpter thinks the dogs have a great chance of surviving and will be up for adoption in about 8 weeks.

“Could’ve ended very differently,” she explained. “Other dogs could’ve come along and mauled these dogs or maybe someone not so nice could’ve picked them up.”

“They’re eating well. They’re very active. They move a lot.”

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Detroit Pit Crew

Detroit Pit Crew

We are a street crew dog rescue whose goal is to rescue stray dogs of any breed off the streets of Detroit that are injured, sick, or that are in imminent danger and need immediate medical attention.

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