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Sweet dog rescued by Detroit Pit Crew after being found chained to a stop sign

Last August, a couple of Good Samaritans found a 7-month-old puppy lying inside a cardboard box in a neighborhood near Detroit. The pup — later named Courage — had a swollen head and looked close to death. They took the puppy to the police, who then got in touch with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue (DPC), an organization that saves stray and owned dogs who are in immediate danger.
Speckles Chained Dog to a Stop Sign

A heart-breaking discovery on Detroit’s east side required a rescue from Detroit Pit Crew.

A dog fighting to stay alive in last night’s storm was found at the corner of Van Dyke and Rolyat.

Just imagine for a second being outside last night for 2 hours with no jacket.

Now think how it would’ve been for a dog, not able to find shelter because it was tied to a stop sign by a chain.

That’s what Speckles endured until Detroit Pit Crew found her wet and shivering.

“We call them Heinz 57 Detroit Specials. They are a little mix of a lot of different things,” says Theresa Sumpter with Detroit Pit Crew.

The very friendly puppy saw the opposite human behavior Thursday night.

Fortunately someone driving past saw Speckles needed help and called Detroit Pit Crew.

“We found sweet girl, Speckles, there and she was actually chained to the stop sign like they said, in the cold, in the snow, just kind of curled up,” Sumpter says. “And she was chained very tightly to the stop sign. She didn’t have a lot of room to move around. She was literally just curled up in a ball.”

The crew did their diligence trying to find a possible owner.

 “Different things could happen. Maybe they just, maybe they got into a car accident,” Sumpter says. “There might be a reasonable explanation why the dog was chained there. They ran into the store really quickly or something.”

No luck and no microchip.

Back at the vet the crew also checked with Detroit’s Animal Control. So now the 1-year-old Speckles is on a 7 day hold in case her owner comes forward.

In the meantime a warning of what could’ve happened to this precious heart of gold pup, the danger of a chain and no shelter.

“Not only the weather, you know dog fighters could’ve picked her up, somebody who didn’t, you know, know about dogs could’ve come by, could have shot her,” Sumpter says. “Other dogs could’ve come by and mauled her. There’s a million different reasons why that was not safe to chain a dog to a stop sign in Detroit.”

If no one comes forward in the next 7 days, Speckles will be spade and go up for adoption at one of the 19 partners of Detroit Pit Crew.

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Detroit Pit Crew

We are a street crew dog rescue whose goal is to rescue stray dogs of any breed off the streets of Detroit that are injured, sick, or that are in imminent danger and need immediate medical attention.

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