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Puppies for sale on Facebook rescued from dog fighting by Detroit Pit Crew

No one is facing charges -- but Hazel and Gretel are in good hands.

"Puppies being sold on Facebook could have been victims of dog fighting if a rescue group did not step in."

Puppies being sold on Facebook could have been victims of dogfighting if a rescue group did not step in.

The two puppies are in loving arms — after they were up for sale on Facebook.

“I saw some puppies being held in an inappropriate manner and then we started reading through the posts, we saw there was people commenting about using these puppies for dog fighting,” says Theresa Sumpter, with the Detroit Pit Crew dog rescue.

She was alerted about the post from concerned animal lovers Wednesday night.

“We immediately were like ‘we need to save these puppies. They are in danger now.’ We immediately contacted the seller,” she says.

And by morning – she and her teammate purchase the dogs for $150. They are now named Hazel and Gretel.

Because they didn’t want to compromise the sale – Theresa did not mention to the seller they’re from a rescue.

“We are not going to lecture them,” she says. “We are not going to ask them why they posted.”

Theresa cannot believe people would publicly post interest in the puppies for the purpose of dogfighting.

“Beyond outraged,” she says. “Just could not believe that somebody would go on a social media site and even suggest that these puppies be used to fighting. They are not fighters, they are lovers. Look at them. She doesn’t want to fight, she wants to be loved.”

But what if the commenter wasn’t serious or was trying to be funny?

“We’ll see if you’re laughing when you go to jail,” Sumpter says.

Detroit Pit Crew shared screen shots on their Facebook page to put the man to shame.

“If you post stuff like that, we are going to make you famous and not in a good way. It’s going to be in a bad way,” Sumpter says.
“Everybody is going to know who you are and that you are a piece of (expletive)!”

No one is facing charges — but Hazel and Gretel are in good hands.

“This dog has a very happy life ahead of her and we are going to make sure that happens,” Sumpter says. “I can promise everyone she will never be used for fighting that will never happen.”

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