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Dogs rescued from ‘basement prison’ of Detroit house

Dogs rescued from 'basement prison' of Detroit house​

The discovery of  a body leads to a dog rescue on Detroit’s west side.

Multiple dogs were found living in deplorable conditions inside a house. Now there is an effort to nurse the animals back to health.

People close to the victim say some of the dogs had never been let outside, forced to live in a basement closet full of feces.

Detroit police were called to Daniel Street in Detroit after a man is found dead on the sidewalk. As investigators work to determine how he died outside, they make a disturbing discovery inside the home.

“We waited for them to clear the scene and remove the deceased,” said Theresa Sumpter, Detroit Pit Crew Rescue. “Then we went inside and we saw something very horrific.”

Dogs living in deplorable conditions of inside what was described as a basement prison. A closet filled with feces and trash. Theresa Sumpter, who is from the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue tells us the two pit bull mixes have never seen the light of day.

“The officers pushed this door open and there was feces everywhere,” she said. “And these poor dogs have been in the basement for seven months without taken outside or anything like that.

“I feel sick about it why would you put dogs in this type of position, why would you put them in a room like this to suffer.”

Two other dogs – which include the mother and a pit bull pup were found outside as well.

A close friend of the family, who tells us the man died after he had an asthma attack and collapsed on the sidewalk – says he had no idea he had any pets.

“I didn’t even know he had dogs,” said the man. “His grandma did, but I didn’t know he had dogs.”

All four animals, some emaciated and scared, were taken to the Center Line Veterinary Hospital where they were cleaned up and given medical attention.

Within time, we’re told the dogs will be up for adoption and hopefully find a good home they deserve.

“It can be very damaging, sometimes you will get dogs that are so scared they turn fearful and can get aggressive,” Koss said. “These dogs are showing no signs of that, they are very responsive to just kindness and love.”

“We hope all of these dogs go into real loving homes where they are not kept in a room seven months at a time,” Sumpter said. “Where they can grow up and be part of a family.”

The dogs are with Center Line Veterinary Hospital but when they are healthy enough, the Detroit Pit Crew will help with the adoption process.

The man’s girlfriend was said to be the one to tell police about the dogs. When FOX 2 went to the scene she was no longer there.

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