About the DPC

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

The Detroit Pit Crew (DPC) dog rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization whose Dog Abandoned House Picmission is to rescue destitute dogs in Detroit, Michigan. We are a crew of street volunteers that work together to get as many stray, injured, pregnant and destitute dogs off the streets as possible.

Our rescue team spends most days out in the streets of Detroit, trapping strays and rescuing dogs out of desperate situations. We also bring to safety dogs that have been used for dog fighting or as bait dogs in dog fighting rings.

The first stop for any dog we pick up is at the veterinarian’s office. We make sure that every dog we rescue has all the basic vaccinations, a heartworm test and a basic temperament test prior to transfer. After they are vetted, they are placed in either a temporary foster home, or in one of the excellent shelters and rescues that we are partnered with throughout the state through our “Straight Outta Detroit” project (see below). We either spay and neuter the dogs prior to transfer, or in some cases we make sure that the receiving shelter or rescue will arrange for the spay or neuter after the dog has been transferred.


Straight Outta Detroit PicBecause of all the time that we must spend on the streets of Detroit rescuing and trapping the destitute dogs we find, we found it difficult to serve as a dog adoption organization, too. So in November of 2015, in an effort to find safe placement for all the dogs that we rescue, we partnered with some of the best shelters and rescues around the state of Michigan who were willing to accept our rescued dogs and arrange for adoptions.

To determine who the best shelters were, we pulled every shelter report from the entire state and went through each one, picking only the shelters with the best records to partner with. We found that these shelters were happy to help us and were supportive of our efforts. We are continuing our effort to find more well-run shelters and rescues throughout Michigan to partner with to ensure that all of our dogs have a safe place to land.

We are extremely happy about the immediate success of this project.  Since the project began, “Straight Outta Detroit” has transferred over 50 dogs to our shelter and rescue partners throughout the state of Michigan.


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