Abused dog rescued from garbage can in Detroit (2015)

DETROIT (WXYZ) – “I heard it out here crying,” said Chapalar Griggs who found an injured dog inside a trash can just outside the front door of her Bishop Street home on Detroit’s east side. Griggs says she hadn’t seen the dog before spotting him in the trash around 4:00 am on Sunday. Griggs doesn’t have a phone so she borrowed a neighbor’s to call a local shelter, but they were closed on Sunday. Monday morning came and the dog was still in the trash. So, Griggs borrowed her neighbor’s phone again and made some more calls. “I didn’t want it to die,” said Griggs who also told 7 Action News that she was scared to go near the dog. Word of the injured dog got to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and they rushed out to find the dog, that appears to be a pit bull mix, bloodied and still lying in the large trash container, on top of a mound of garbage.

Update after the rescue:

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A new life for the dog that was found in a Detroit trash can

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